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How To Network, Create Lead Generation and Referrals With Your Law Blog

January 22nd, 2014

Periodically, it’s important to evaluate your overall blogging strategy and objectives in order to make sure you’re optimizing its capability as a tool for networking, referrals, and lead generation. Marketing a business as a means of acquiring new clients has changed quite dramatically over the last several years. Many businesses, including small start-ups have had to re-think their approach to creating new opportunities for themselves. A large part of this are the mediums by which we choose to communicate to prospective customers. Instead of relying on cold calls and unsolicited direct email, many businesses are now putting greater emphasis on developing more focused web-based content to attract new clientele.

Online social media, including blogs, have been effective in creating new business opportunities. More and more businesses have implemented this platform in their marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many blogs and other social media outlets are not optimized to generate new business. Whether you’re creating a new blog or operating one already in existence, let’s evaluate and/or “jump start” it to get it on the right track for new business. The following is a list of questions to consider:

• Who is your audience? Knowing your audience will help enable you to get more focused and consistent with your content, making writing easier and more efficient for you.

• What is the purpose of your blog? Although it isn’t necessary, it’s a good idea to create a description statement in your blog’s header. Usually, this is a short phrase or a one-sentence summary of your blog’s purpose.

• What are you reading? Often times, whatever you are reading, will influence or fuel your own writing. With this in mind, if you create a good strategic reading program for yourself, it can provide a clear focus, centered upon your audience’s interest and needs, and more importantly, your blog’s purpose.

• What do you want your audience to do? Having a Call to Action strategically placed on your blog site is a good way to bring attention to your business without seeming too promotional.

• Do you use keywords? It’s important and necessary to choose key words to include throughout your blog to dominate through search (i.e. “law firm new business”).

• Do you use “takeaway statements”? When writing a post, the first sentence should be the statement that a reader remembers–the “takeaway or benefit statement”. It’s pretty simple, just ask yourself “what would be your takeaway or benefit if you commit to reading this post?”

• What is the style of your writing? It’s imperative you remember that online readers have a preference in terms of writing. They look for articles that are concise, easy to review, and objective in nature. Most often, readers are turned off by promotional content and style.

• Are you providing quality over quantity? The type of writing you produce is far more important than the amount. Creating quality articles outweighs the demand for frequency and quantity of posts generated.

• Do you get creative with the formats of your posts? Offering some visual variety to your readers is a great way to keep them interested and engaged with your blog. Using bullets or number lists are a few good ones to consider.

• Are you publishing content consistently? Make sure to publish new blog content on a regular schedule. Being consistent is essential to developing an audience. Generally, the recommended amount is at least 3 to 5 posts a week.

• Is your blog easy to navigate? Nothing is more frustrating to online users than sites that are difficult to navigate. Make sure your posts are easy to find and your blog is simple to navigate.

• Do you provide links to additional resources? It’s always a good idea to provide additional articles of interest at the end of each post. You can link similar content from your blog and other outside sources.

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Advertising your law firm in the yellow pages or newspaper is no longer sufficient these days to effectively grow your law firm.  The internet has provided a means for law firms to reach a wide audience and provide legal services for individuals and entities in need of assistance.  A large portion of leads come from internet marketing and the ability to showcase your services in any way you want.

At Law Firm Internet Marketing, we have the experience, resources, and dedication to help you grow your law firm and get your name out there.  We provide a variety of services that can help any law firm achieve its goals.  We can help you determine which types of marketing tools best suit your law firm with a comprehensive individualized plan.

Meet Founder James Greenier

James Greenier has devoted his career to helping law firms utilize internet marketing in the most cost-effective way possible to develop a large client base and positive reputation.  James understands how certain internet marketing tools may be better for some law firms than for others.  He offers guidance and advice on how the internet can be your best means of gaining a larger clientele and becoming a widely known law firm.  James has prior experience working with publicly traded legal entities as well as 7 of the 10 most trafficked legal websites.  This combined experience of being a businessman, working with law firms, and being a successful internet marketer has contributed to James’ ability to offer internet marketing products that will exceed your expectations.

James has consulted with over 3,500 law firms from all over the world.  His ability to understand how consumers search for legal services has enabled him to help law firm websites reach 4,000,000 unique users per month.  By having a significant budget to provide superior advertising services that meet any law firm’s individual needs.  While there are many law firm internet marketing companies to choose from, and many are reputable, James provides unique one-on-one client services to ensure you are satisfied with every product you receive.  Client satisfaction is at the forefront of Law Firm Internet Marketing.

Services We Offer

Because most successful law firm marketing and advertising campaigns today are derived from the internet, marketing tools can be somewhat complex and require the assistance of highly skilled staff members.  In order to meet your law firm’s needs, we provide the following internet marketing services:

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – By using key words specific to your law firm’s services, such as “personal injury,” or “commercial litigation,” for example, we are able to craft the content of your website to match with commonly searched keywords on google and other search engines.

Law Firm Website Design – How your website looks is one of the most, if not the most important aspect of your law firm website, as aesthetics are powerful.  We have website designers who take client suggestions to formulate a design that will attract the audience you are looking for.

Legal Website Content – Our legal writing staff members have the experience and skill to create legal content that thoroughly explains what your law firm is all about.  From homes pages, to practice area pages, to attorney profile pages, to blogs, we have the resources necessary to write any website content that you need.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) – Leads allow many law firms to quickly expand their client base, and if particular individuals are looking for legal services that you offer, receiving that person’s information in the form of a lead can help that individual find the attorney he or she is looking for.  Our advertising team generates leads for you that will provide a key component to your law firm’s success.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – Clicks have much more power than many people believe.  The more often individuals click on your law firm’s website address, the more often you may appear on google and other search engines.  We help law firms expand beyond their competition by paying a fixed fee per click.  Also, you have the option of having a banner advertisement that will appear at the top of all search results for particular keyword searches.

Lawyer Video Production – Many potential clients are able to meet the attorneys before making a phone call or scheduling an appointment with your law firm.  If you have a video on your home page, where you and other attorneys are able to introduce themselves and describe the legal services offered, potential clients may be more inclined to contact you.

Viral Marketing Campaigns – Having your law firm’s message repeated and shared among website users will undoubtedly increase your website traffic and client base.  We will formulate a plan for you to spread your law firm’s name by utilizing the internet to generate a type of “word of mouth” communication.

Attorney Directory Placement – We can help to ensure your name is seen in multiple attorney directories so that potential clients can find out key information about you before making the decision to seek your services.

Social Media – In today’s technological world, most people use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets to spread the word about a particular product or service.  Law firms have found success in utilizing social media to advertise to a desired audience.  We will help you manage your social media pages just was we do with your law firm’s website, adding another component to your law firm internet marketing package.

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It takes a comprehensive internet marketing plan to truly grow your law firm.  Any marketing tool or product on its own is certainly important, however, it is the collective effort of all marketing tools that will enable your law firm to reach the desired audience and provide information to potential clients that will help them make an informed decision.  James Greenier is available to help you with your internet marketing goals and his team shares the same dedication to help each and every client receive superior service at a reasonable and fair price.  Contact us today to start a new path to future success.

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