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Law Firm Website Design & SEO Persuades Legal Consumers

March 25th, 2014

Legal consumers arrive at websites for lawyers because they have entered a specific query into the Google search engine. That’s obvious, right? Well, not to everyone. Queries specific to lawyers’ websites land on a search engine rank page (SERP) that gives those legal consumers a series of clickable choices. And, it’s going to take a lot more than a pretty lawyers website to gain “trustworthy” status for your Internet brand and to raise your Google rankings – and to coax that coveted click from a persuaded legal consumer.

A professional search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your Internet brand is what it takes to get websites for lawyers noticed in the SERP results:

• Optimized site titles
• Optimized site descriptions
• Optimized legal content
• Optimized blogs
• Optimized images

Once they’ve clicked into your site title, it’s up to your lawyer website design and legal content hold legal consumers there long enough to explore your lawyer’s website and become a prospective client.

Five ways to persuade legal consumers to give your Internet brand serious consideration are:

  • Clear understanding. Legal consumers can be persuaded through the use of convincing legal content that has value and is complemented by your lawyer website design. Superlatives, such as “fast,” “easy,” or “best,” should be deleted. Let the legal content convince them that you are trustworthy. A tagline of “Sam Jones provides free consultations” is clearly understood, and is much more compelling than, “Sam Jones is the best attorney ever. Period.”
  • Aesthetically pleasing. An old advertising slogan contended: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” The legal content has to be fresh and scannable; your lawyer website design professional yet, approachable. Simplicity persuades legal consumers, and nails that first impression.
  • Pecking-order. The layout of websites for lawyers requires a hierarchy. Your Internet brand is the targeted focal point for each webpage on your site; less important legal content descends down the page from there. White space and eliminating clutter makes your Internet brand stand-out. A well-ordered lawyer’s website is persuasive.
  • Attention-getter. Graphical appearance, color, and layout work together in grabbing the attention of legal consumers, although legal content is the thing. Well-written, compelling legal content, that is both relevant and scannable, is what legal consumers seek when they query a search engine. Giving legal consumers what they want can be quite persuasive.
  • Simplify the focus. Legal content, where each webpage flows from a singular-statement, is simple, thought-provoking, and persuasive. SEO enables legal consumers to locate a lawyer’s website. Persuasive legal content motivates them to take action.

Law Firm Website Designers & SEO Experts takes the industry lead in designing SEO strategy and websites for law firms. We conserve your valuable time with strategies designed to grow your client-base. Our consultants look forward to your call. Free Advice Hotline – Call (800) 877-2776 to speak to an expert, not a sales rep.

Converting “Wayward Clickers” By Anchoring Your Legal Website’s Landing Page

March 27th, 2013

The role of your landing page is to both echo and amplify the message that drew your potential client to the page in the first place, thus decreasing the likelihood they will bounce off the site, and greatly increasing the chances they will convert. If at all possible, your landing page should include some sort of targeted banner which follows your potential clients around as they click from page to page, taking them back to the landing page whenever they click the banner. Tests have shown that conversion rates go up dramatically when a banner is used—although it may take extra effort, it both enhances the visitor’s overall experience and leave them feeling that they haven’t just been dumped on your law firm’s website then abandoned. Your landing page is where your potential clients will get 85% of the specific services your legal firm offers, meaning that 85% of those visitors will click away if they don’t immediately see something compelling. Your landing page should be warm, welcoming, and above all, honest, and should make them want to know more.


Using a Tagline on Your Landing Page

When a potential client visits your legal website for the first time, the first question they will either consciously or unconsciously be seeking to answer in their mind is “What’s in it for me?” Because of this, it is imperative that your website’s landing page—the very first page seen by visitors—communicates clearly the benefits your legal firm offers. The tricky part is that these benefits must be conveyed in less than ten seconds. One way to accomplish this seemingly-impossible feat is to include a tag-line which succinctly summarizes your firm’s specialties in a very customer-oriented manner. Make sure to place this tagline so it is immediately visible even if your reader chooses not to scroll down. If you are unsure of the best way to craft such an all-important tagline, try using a solution-oriented statement which both emphasizes the value the client will receive from calling your legal firm, and describes your personal promise, using words your reader would use. This tagline is possibly the most important factor in your quest to anchor your landing page and reach the highest conversion rate possible.


Radiate Trust

Following the all-important tagline, the second concern most visitors to your website will have is “Can I trust this legal firm?”  It’s incredibly important that your landing page—as well as subsequent pages—give your readers a strong sense of credibility and quality. Many companies don’t bother placing their firm’s name, contact details and landline phone number as a footer on each and every page. This is crucial in reassuring your readers that your law firm is entirely legitimate. Despite the fact that we exist in a high-technology world, visitors who see a real address and a real landline phone number will find it very comforting. Include a link to your contact page, and on that page include your e-mail address, phone numbers, both cell and landline, and a physical address. (This is in addition to the footer on each page. You don’t ever want your potential clients to have to play hide-and-seek with your well-hidden contact information—they will find it incredibly annoying and will probably move on to another site). Include a link to your “About Us” page which includes background and information about your firm, the attorneys who practice, your specialties and your mission. Staff photos are great for adding a touch of humanity to your legal website, so incorporate them whenever possible. If you have client testimonials, display them prominently as this is a great trust-builder.

Converted visitors come back. Converted visitors trust you, and communicate this trust to others—they talk freely about their experiences with your law firm, share on social sites and drive more traffic to your site. Converted visitors share your links freely, and most importantly, converted visitors become faithful clients. In the overall picture, happy, converted clients are much more important than simply more traffic.

Call Law Firm Internet Marketing at (800) 877-2776 for a free expert analysis of your lead generation strategy or for answers to your marketing questions.

Law Firm Social SEO You Can Use Now

March 19th, 2013

Think of social SEO as a way to effectively level the playing field, particularly if you are relatively new to using a legal website as a way to reach your potential clients and present your firm to the world. Other firms who may have been wading through website SEO for years likely have the market cornered on all the best keywords. While this would once have been a daunting fact, using social SEO truly makes it much less so. Google has long realized that humans are the only trustworthy beings who can endorse relevant and useful links. Thus, Google Social Search came about.

Think about it: a glowing, personal endorsement from someone we know outranks a thousand endorsements from total strangers. The same goes for sharing links. A casual user-shared link carries much less weight than a blogging link by a well-known and well-respected legal authority. Google Social Search allows a site to climb quickly up the ranks simply because someone in your circle shared the link. In the same way, suppose a tweet regarding your law firm received a huge influx of retweets: this could conceivably be as important to your site as a link from a top-ranking site.

How, you may wonder, do you connect on a social platform with the top “influencers” in the legal arena? First, identify just who those influencers are, then find them online. Initiate a discussion with them via a social media avenue. Comment constructively on their particular content or share a personal perspective on a post they have written. Let these influencers know that you have something valuable to add and they are much more likely to freely share your content. Prior to posting a particular posting, ask for an opinion from a chosen influencer. Don’t forget your manners; thank them for their time and share the URL. Even better, include the influencer in the body of your content. Quote them or use their statistics. Let them know you are using this content and allow them first look before you post.

Although the rumor that SEO is dead, the truth is, it is far from dead, but it has changed significantly from a decade ago when buying links, submitting to directories and implementing on-page optimization were the sum total of SEO. The social era has brought us social SEO which dictates you must incorporate social media into the “big picture” of your website’s strategy. You will engage your audience through your site, then share that content effectively and freely through the social network system.  Hopefully social media is already an integral part of your business strategy, but if not, we can help. One phone call to (800) 877-2776 will connect you with an expert in law firm Internet marketing who will give you a no-strings-attached, free consultation.


Increasing Your Law Firm’s Business with E-mail Marketing

March 13th, 2013

It is believed that as many as 1.3 billion people across the globe use e-mail and some 90 trillion e-mails are sent annually. Unfortunately a large percentage of those e-mails are spam or viruses although many of us now use e-mail in lieu of traditional letter or to communicate business meetings or communications.  E-mail marketing can help you keep your prospective clients coming back. When your law firm consistently uses professional e-mail communications as a means of staying in regular touch with clients and prospective clients you naturally build strong, trusting relationships. When you use e-mail marketing techniques you are sending a message and your goal should be to send the right message to the right target at the precisely right time with a goal of persuading the recipient to take some sort of action.

Only Send E-mails to Those Who Have Given Permission

Before we discuss e-mail marketing further, you should never, ever send any sort of soliciting e-mail to anyone who has not given you their express permission to do so. Only those who have opted to receive e-mail communications from your law firm should receive those communications or you risk alienating those who did not opt in. We all know how annoying it is to find the inbox filled up with unwanted messages. In order to create a successful e-mail marketing campaign you must first ask yourself what your prospective clients would find to be of value, then develop your subsequent communications around the answer to that question.

The Many Benefits of the E-Newsletter

E-mail communications such as e-newsletters are both quick and relatively inexpensive to create, so you can send them much more often than the older print newsletters. In order to increase the impact of your newsletters, create smaller client lists based on the individual interests. This allows you to send much more targeted messages to each client or prospective client an ups the likelihood that they will actually respond or act on your e-mail. Should you make your e-newsletters informative and unique, there is a good chance that your recipients will take the time to forward the newsletter to another person who may in turn forward it yet again. You will want to ensure that your website and blog URLs appear consistently on any e-mail communications you send out so that prospective clients can easily find your sites.

Why You Should Consider E-Mail Marketing

The responses you receive from e-mail and e-newsletters tend to be much more immediate than the responses from other, older forms of communications.  If you have set your e-mail settings correctly you will be able to see who actually opened the e-mails, who forwarded them and who clicked on included links. This gives you a true wealth of information you cannot readily obtain from other sources and allows you to tailor further communications even more precisely.  If you are considering e-mail marketing speak with one of our experts in law firm Internet marketing who will give you a no-strings-attached, free consultation.

How Search Engine Advertising Can Help Your Legal Website

February 24th, 2013

Many firms are ignoring a key aspect of marketing their website when they don’t look into search engine advertising. Although we will never be able to push a magic button and have our website appear at the top of all the search engines’ results, search engine advertising can give you a strong boost toward the top. Search engine optimization for attorneys is the key to a successful Internet marketing campaign. You are probably well aware that SEO—when done right—can improve your legal site’s ability to be discovered naturally by the top search engines. You are probably also aware that today’s SEO involves a high level of interaction with prospective clients as well as day-to-day brand building and staying involved with the top social media outlets. In other words, SEO is hardly a one-time event, rather involves a long-term commitment on your part.

Landing in those coveted top spots has been shown to boost your traffic by 400, 500, even 600 percent. If you use the Internet at all you, like most of us, rarely look beyond the first couple of pages of search engine results. In short, this means that unless you make it into the top search engine results your business will remain largely invisible to searchers. Your first task before going live with your legal website is to extensively research your keywords. Brainstorm your list initially, asking friends and family to do the same—you will likely be surprised at some of the words others will come up with which were not on your own list.

This is typical since, as a legal professional, you may think about your business in a different manner than searchers might. In the end, it makes no difference whether you think your keywords are correct—you absolutely must use keywords which will realistically be used by actual searchers. Next, take advantage of the many really good programs out there which will tell you which keywords are appropriate for your legal niche as well as which ones are being used by your top competitors.

Once you have your keywords in place, you can focus on content. Legal websites depend on well-written, relevant and unique content. Your content not only gets you found by the search engine spiders it will also lead to your site being found by prospective clients. Your keywords will be placed strategically within this high-quality content, making humans and search engine spiders both happy. Link building will be your next task as high-quality inbound links are still a crucial element of search engine optimization.

Finally, you are ready to jump into search engine advertising. Paid listings have been on the Internet since 2001, and most savvy Internet users are well aware of what a paid search ad looks like. Paid inclusion will ensure that all your pages are included—so long as you continue to pay—and while it doesn’t guarantee placement it can improve your odds of appearing in a wider range of search engine results. If your website is new, a paid inclusion can ensure your site will be listed in a day or two rather than the more typical two-to-four weeks it can take for a search engine crawler to index your site.

Speak to real law firm Internet marketing experts, not a sales person. Call 1 (800) 877-2776 for your free consultation.

Social Media Secrets You Can Use to Your Advantage

February 13th, 2013

Even though you have a brick and mortar business as an attorney, using social media to grow your business can help your business reach the next level. If you are already using FB, LinkedIn and Twitter, then you are ahead of the game as word of your business is being regularly and efficiently spread. While it can take a fair amount of time to constantly update statuses and post relevant items, remember that social media is more and more often used as a platform for marketing communications and consider it the cost of doing business. Overall, law firms tend to be somewhat more cautious and conservative therefore attorneys have been a bit slower to jump on the social media bandwagon. There are several ways law firms can efficiently use social media to their advantage, including:

  • Start with those in your firm and ensure they have all completed a comprehensive LinkedIn profile.
  • Find out where your clients are having conversations, and get involved.
  • Share your knowledge in the form of reports, white papers, or short e-books which will demonstrate your expertise in your area.
  • Remember that social media allows you to interact with clients through teaching, discussing or entertaining—hold off on the selling.
  • Ensure your branding remains consistent across platforms.
  • Post regularly—a minimum of once or twice a week.
  • Provide a level of content which will engage and inform your audience to the point they will feel compelled to pass it on.
  • Remember to make a human connection—conversations rather than conversions.
  • Share event invitations.
  • Social media platforms allow your potential clients to research your firm or recommend your business to others.
  • Lawyers in the top ten percent of the legal profession spend a minimum of five hours per week networking and meeting new people.
  • Social media will allow you to build stronger personal connections with your colleagues.
  • Staying on top of the latest trends in the legal community is much easier through the use of social media.
  • Keep your focus off sales and directed toward a more educational approach.
  • Ask your existing clients what types of information they would like to know about your firm.
  • Ensure you and the other attorneys are clear about the difference between actual legal advice and simple insights. You might want to include a disclaimer to this effect as well.
  • A legal blog puts a face and voice to your practice as well as building content to share through other social media outlets.
  • While social media is important, when you overextend yourself you can become overwhelmed. Make sure you will be able to adequately manage the social media platforms you engage in.

Those attorneys who are interested in getting started in social media can find the experienced help they need with our company. Whether you have questions regarding SEO content, web design, attorney blogging or any other website question we can help. Call (800) 877-2776 today for your free consultation. When you call, you will be given valuable advice and strategies from expert law firm Internet marketing professionals—not sales representatives.

Could an E-Book Increase Your Law Firm’s Business?

January 14th, 2013

Writing an eBook to use on your website may not be something you have considered, however it can result in quite a boost to your website rankings if done properly. EBooks—for electronic books—are becoming increasingly popular. In the same way that offering an informative white paper about a particular legal subject or sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter which gives readers useful, free information, writing a short eBook can be a great service to your clients, giving them information they might not otherwise be able to find as well as creating trust in your visitors. Think about your particular niche and brainstorm an issue that you feel many people could benefit from hearing about. Offering a free eBook can mean it will eventually land in the hands of thousands of people, and gives you and your firm credibility. All you really need to do is say a few things really well and leave your readers feeling as though they received something of value simply by visiting your website.

Establish Your Expertise and Build Credibility

Putting out a free eBook for your clients and prospective clients can go a long way toward establishing your expertise and building your brand so long as you are able to clearly communicate your particular skills and knowledge with credibility and competency. In the end those prospects who were “fence sitting” will be much more likely to hire you or recommend you to a friend after reading your eBook. Don’t let yourself get totally stressed out about writing an eBook. Think of it as a long blog, and remember that it doesn’t have to rival the Great American Novel. Outline the information you want to impart, write it out in a straightforward manner, throw in a little humor to keep your audience engaged, and be concise. So long as your eBook is useful, then you have increased traffic to your website and eventual conversions.

Building SEO Through Your eBook

Another good reason to write an eBook and give it away on your legal website is to grow your list of prospective clients and their contact information. It can be helpful to build a dedicated landing page on your site which will give your readers the opportunity to exchange their name and email in return for your free eBook download. Always include your website’s URL in your eBook so it leads your visitors right back to your website. In the end, using a short eBook together with your legal blog can give your website’s SEO rankings a huge boost. In fact, you might release small segments of your eBook on your blog to “tease” people into downloading the entire book. Share those individual blog posts along with links to your complete eBook on every single social media profile you are engaged with and you will soon see your eBook turn into a powerful marketing tool.

If you feel writing an eBook is beyond your capabilities or time constraints, consider calling (800) 877-2776 for your free consultation from an expert law firm Internet marketing professional. You will receive valuable advice and strategies from highly experienced writers with a law degree—never a sales representative.  

Can Your Law Firm use Twitter to Increase Your Business?

December 13th, 2012

By now most attorneys are well aware of the necessity of including social media in their overall marketing plan, however few have ventured into Twitter as yet. Twitter is possibly the fastest growing social network out there. For those unfamiliar with Twitter, or sending “tweets,” this social media avenue allows communication and connection through the exchange of very short (140 character) messages. Many of these messages include links to other websites and, just as with other social media, the goal is to build relationships through conversation. You will “follow” others and they will “follow” you which is similar in nature to “friending” someone on Facebook. The primary difference between Twitter and Facebook lies in the fact that in most cases those on FB are connecting and communicating with those they already know—or used to know. Twitter, on the other hand, allows communication between those who don’t know one another but share interests.

You might be surprised to know that Twitter can allow you to reach prospective partners—or even investors as well as national and international media outlets. The ability to reach scores of potential clients is inherent in Twitter as something akin to a press release can be tweeted by your firm. Search traffic generally increases dramatically once a law firm begins using Twitter and the attorneys in your firm can use Twitter to quickly share information. Building relationships with clients, building recognition of your brand and even sharing information with the partners and employees in your firm are all good reasons to give Twitter a try. You will find that you are able to build your reputation without a great outlay of time, expanding your network in the process. If you are interested in knowing the public’s general opinion about a specific topic, Twitter is a great way to find out.

There are a few cautions you should be aware of once your firm makes the decision to use Twitter. Remember that what is posted on the Internet virtually lives forever therefore careful consideration should be given to postings which emanate from your firm. No legal advice should ever be given via Twitter, and, as with every other aspect of the legal profession you must abide by the rules of professional conduct and never, ever, violate client confidentiality. Most law firms create a social media policy which offers guidelines and rules for the use of social media within the firm. In order to increase your number of followers, you must provide consistently interesting, informative and relevant tweets within your niche topics. In other words, establish a very unique voice and present your followers with links to only the highest quality information.

In the end, engaging in Twitter can give a decided boost to your website rankings and is certainly worth the time it takes to give it a try. If you have questions regarding Twitter or any other SEO content questions and would like to have them answered by experienced lawyer copywriters, call (800) 877-2776 today for your free consultation. Once you call you will receive valuable information regarding law firm Internet marketing and all aspects of SEO.   

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Advertising your law firm in the yellow pages or newspaper is no longer sufficient these days to effectively grow your law firm.  The internet has provided a means for law firms to reach a wide audience and provide legal services for individuals and entities in need of assistance.  A large portion of leads come from internet marketing and the ability to showcase your services in any way you want.

At Law Firm Internet Marketing, we have the experience, resources, and dedication to help you grow your law firm and get your name out there.  We provide a variety of services that can help any law firm achieve its goals.  We can help you determine which types of marketing tools best suit your law firm with a comprehensive individualized plan.

Meet Founder James Greenier

James Greenier has devoted his career to helping law firms utilize internet marketing in the most cost-effective way possible to develop a large client base and positive reputation.  James understands how certain internet marketing tools may be better for some law firms than for others.  He offers guidance and advice on how the internet can be your best means of gaining a larger clientele and becoming a widely known law firm.  James has prior experience working with publicly traded legal entities as well as 7 of the 10 most trafficked legal websites.  This combined experience of being a businessman, working with law firms, and being a successful internet marketer has contributed to James’ ability to offer internet marketing products that will exceed your expectations.

James has consulted with over 3,500 law firms from all over the world.  His ability to understand how consumers search for legal services has enabled him to help law firm websites reach 4,000,000 unique users per month.  By having a significant budget to provide superior advertising services that meet any law firm’s individual needs.  While there are many law firm internet marketing companies to choose from, and many are reputable, James provides unique one-on-one client services to ensure you are satisfied with every product you receive.  Client satisfaction is at the forefront of Law Firm Internet Marketing.

Services We Offer

Because most successful law firm marketing and advertising campaigns today are derived from the internet, marketing tools can be somewhat complex and require the assistance of highly skilled staff members.  In order to meet your law firm’s needs, we provide the following internet marketing services:

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – By using key words specific to your law firm’s services, such as “personal injury,” or “commercial litigation,” for example, we are able to craft the content of your website to match with commonly searched keywords on google and other search engines.

Law Firm Website Design – How your website looks is one of the most, if not the most important aspect of your law firm website, as aesthetics are powerful.  We have website designers who take client suggestions to formulate a design that will attract the audience you are looking for.

Legal Website Content – Our legal writing staff members have the experience and skill to create legal content that thoroughly explains what your law firm is all about.  From homes pages, to practice area pages, to attorney profile pages, to blogs, we have the resources necessary to write any website content that you need.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) – Leads allow many law firms to quickly expand their client base, and if particular individuals are looking for legal services that you offer, receiving that person’s information in the form of a lead can help that individual find the attorney he or she is looking for.  Our advertising team generates leads for you that will provide a key component to your law firm’s success.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – Clicks have much more power than many people believe.  The more often individuals click on your law firm’s website address, the more often you may appear on google and other search engines.  We help law firms expand beyond their competition by paying a fixed fee per click.  Also, you have the option of having a banner advertisement that will appear at the top of all search results for particular keyword searches.

Lawyer Video Production – Many potential clients are able to meet the attorneys before making a phone call or scheduling an appointment with your law firm.  If you have a video on your home page, where you and other attorneys are able to introduce themselves and describe the legal services offered, potential clients may be more inclined to contact you.

Viral Marketing Campaigns – Having your law firm’s message repeated and shared among website users will undoubtedly increase your website traffic and client base.  We will formulate a plan for you to spread your law firm’s name by utilizing the internet to generate a type of “word of mouth” communication.

Attorney Directory Placement – We can help to ensure your name is seen in multiple attorney directories so that potential clients can find out key information about you before making the decision to seek your services.

Social Media – In today’s technological world, most people use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets to spread the word about a particular product or service.  Law firms have found success in utilizing social media to advertise to a desired audience.  We will help you manage your social media pages just was we do with your law firm’s website, adding another component to your law firm internet marketing package.

Contact Law Firm Internet Marketing Today by Calling 1 (800) 877-2776

It takes a comprehensive internet marketing plan to truly grow your law firm.  Any marketing tool or product on its own is certainly important, however, it is the collective effort of all marketing tools that will enable your law firm to reach the desired audience and provide information to potential clients that will help them make an informed decision.  James Greenier is available to help you with your internet marketing goals and his team shares the same dedication to help each and every client receive superior service at a reasonable and fair price.  Contact us today to start a new path to future success.

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