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Legal consumers arrive at websites for lawyers because they have entered a specific query into the Google search engine. That’s obvious, right? Well, not to everyone. Queries specific to lawyers’ websites land on a search engine rank page (SERP) that gives those legal consumers a series of clickable choices. And, it’s going to take a lot more than a pretty lawyers website to gain “trustworthy” status for your Internet brand and to raise your Google rankings – and to coax that coveted click from a persuaded legal consumer.

A professional search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your Internet brand is what it takes to get websites for lawyers noticed in the SERP results:

• Optimized site titles
• Optimized site descriptions
• Optimized legal content
• Optimized blogs
• Optimized images

Once they’ve clicked into your site title, it’s up to your lawyer website design and legal content hold legal consumers there long enough to explore your lawyer’s website and become a prospective client.

Five ways to persuade legal consumers to give your Internet brand serious consideration are:

  • Clear understanding. Legal consumers can be persuaded through the use of convincing legal content that has value and is complemented by your lawyer website design. Superlatives, such as “fast,” “easy,” or “best,” should be deleted. Let the legal content convince them that you are trustworthy. A tagline of “Sam Jones provides free consultations” is clearly understood, and is much more compelling than, “Sam Jones is the best attorney ever. Period.”
  • Aesthetically pleasing. An old advertising slogan contended: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” The legal content has to be fresh and scannable; your lawyer website design professional yet, approachable. Simplicity persuades legal consumers, and nails that first impression.
  • Pecking-order. The layout of websites for lawyers requires a hierarchy. Your Internet brand is the targeted focal point for each webpage on your site; less important legal content descends down the page from there. White space and eliminating clutter makes your Internet brand stand-out. A well-ordered lawyer’s website is persuasive.
  • Attention-getter. Graphical appearance, color, and layout work together in grabbing the attention of legal consumers, although legal content is the thing. Well-written, compelling legal content, that is both relevant and scannable, is what legal consumers seek when they query a search engine. Giving legal consumers what they want can be quite persuasive.
  • Simplify the focus. Legal content, where each webpage flows from a singular-statement, is simple, thought-provoking, and persuasive. SEO enables legal consumers to locate a lawyer’s website. Persuasive legal content motivates them to take action.

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