Law Firm Social SEO You Can Use Now

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Think of social SEO as a way to effectively level the playing field, particularly if you are relatively new to using a legal website as a way to reach your potential clients and present your firm to the world. Other firms who may have been wading through website SEO for years likely have the market cornered on all the best keywords. While this would once have been a daunting fact, using social SEO truly makes it much less so. Google has long realized that humans are the only trustworthy beings who can endorse relevant and useful links. Thus, Google Social Search came about.

Think about it: a glowing, personal endorsement from someone we know outranks a thousand endorsements from total strangers. The same goes for sharing links. A casual user-shared link carries much less weight than a blogging link by a well-known and well-respected legal authority. Google Social Search allows a site to climb quickly up the ranks simply because someone in your circle shared the link. In the same way, suppose a tweet regarding your law firm received a huge influx of retweets: this could conceivably be as important to your site as a link from a top-ranking site.

How, you may wonder, do you connect on a social platform with the top “influencers” in the legal arena? First, identify just who those influencers are, then find them online. Initiate a discussion with them via a social media avenue. Comment constructively on their particular content or share a personal perspective on a post they have written. Let these influencers know that you have something valuable to add and they are much more likely to freely share your content. Prior to posting a particular posting, ask for an opinion from a chosen influencer. Don’t forget your manners; thank them for their time and share the URL. Even better, include the influencer in the body of your content. Quote them or use their statistics. Let them know you are using this content and allow them first look before you post.

Although the rumor that SEO is dead, the truth is, it is far from dead, but it has changed significantly from a decade ago when buying links, submitting to directories and implementing on-page optimization were the sum total of SEO. The social era has brought us social SEO which dictates you must incorporate social media into the “big picture” of your website’s strategy. You will engage your audience through your site, then share that content effectively and freely through the social network system.  Hopefully social media is already an integral part of your business strategy, but if not, we can help. One phone call to (800) 877-2776 will connect you with an expert in law firm Internet marketing who will give you a no-strings-attached, free consultation.