Increasing Your Law Firm’s Business with E-mail Marketing

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It is believed that as many as 1.3 billion people across the globe use e-mail and some 90 trillion e-mails are sent annually. Unfortunately a large percentage of those e-mails are spam or viruses although many of us now use e-mail in lieu of traditional letter or to communicate business meetings or communications.  E-mail marketing can help you keep your prospective clients coming back. When your law firm consistently uses professional e-mail communications as a means of staying in regular touch with clients and prospective clients you naturally build strong, trusting relationships. When you use e-mail marketing techniques you are sending a message and your goal should be to send the right message to the right target at the precisely right time with a goal of persuading the recipient to take some sort of action.

Only Send E-mails to Those Who Have Given Permission

Before we discuss e-mail marketing further, you should never, ever send any sort of soliciting e-mail to anyone who has not given you their express permission to do so. Only those who have opted to receive e-mail communications from your law firm should receive those communications or you risk alienating those who did not opt in. We all know how annoying it is to find the inbox filled up with unwanted messages. In order to create a successful e-mail marketing campaign you must first ask yourself what your prospective clients would find to be of value, then develop your subsequent communications around the answer to that question.

The Many Benefits of the E-Newsletter

E-mail communications such as e-newsletters are both quick and relatively inexpensive to create, so you can send them much more often than the older print newsletters. In order to increase the impact of your newsletters, create smaller client lists based on the individual interests. This allows you to send much more targeted messages to each client or prospective client an ups the likelihood that they will actually respond or act on your e-mail. Should you make your e-newsletters informative and unique, there is a good chance that your recipients will take the time to forward the newsletter to another person who may in turn forward it yet again. You will want to ensure that your website and blog URLs appear consistently on any e-mail communications you send out so that prospective clients can easily find your sites.

Why You Should Consider E-Mail Marketing

The responses you receive from e-mail and e-newsletters tend to be much more immediate than the responses from other, older forms of communications.  If you have set your e-mail settings correctly you will be able to see who actually opened the e-mails, who forwarded them and who clicked on included links. This gives you a true wealth of information you cannot readily obtain from other sources and allows you to tailor further communications even more precisely.  If you are considering e-mail marketing speak with one of our experts in law firm Internet marketing who will give you a no-strings-attached, free consultation.