Social Media Secrets You Can Use to Your Advantage

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Even though you have a brick and mortar business as an attorney, using social media to grow your business can help your business reach the next level. If you are already using FB, LinkedIn and Twitter, then you are ahead of the game as word of your business is being regularly and efficiently spread. While it can take a fair amount of time to constantly update statuses and post relevant items, remember that social media is more and more often used as a platform for marketing communications and consider it the cost of doing business. Overall, law firms tend to be somewhat more cautious and conservative therefore attorneys have been a bit slower to jump on the social media bandwagon. There are several ways law firms can efficiently use social media to their advantage, including:

  • Start with those in your firm and ensure they have all completed a comprehensive LinkedIn profile.
  • Find out where your clients are having conversations, and get involved.
  • Share your knowledge in the form of reports, white papers, or short e-books which will demonstrate your expertise in your area.
  • Remember that social media allows you to interact with clients through teaching, discussing or entertaining—hold off on the selling.
  • Ensure your branding remains consistent across platforms.
  • Post regularly—a minimum of once or twice a week.
  • Provide a level of content which will engage and inform your audience to the point they will feel compelled to pass it on.
  • Remember to make a human connection—conversations rather than conversions.
  • Share event invitations.
  • Social media platforms allow your potential clients to research your firm or recommend your business to others.
  • Lawyers in the top ten percent of the legal profession spend a minimum of five hours per week networking and meeting new people.
  • Social media will allow you to build stronger personal connections with your colleagues.
  • Staying on top of the latest trends in the legal community is much easier through the use of social media.
  • Keep your focus off sales and directed toward a more educational approach.
  • Ask your existing clients what types of information they would like to know about your firm.
  • Ensure you and the other attorneys are clear about the difference between actual legal advice and simple insights. You might want to include a disclaimer to this effect as well.
  • A legal blog puts a face and voice to your practice as well as building content to share through other social media outlets.
  • While social media is important, when you overextend yourself you can become overwhelmed. Make sure you will be able to adequately manage the social media platforms you engage in.

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