Can Your Law Firm use Twitter to Increase Your Business?

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By now most attorneys are well aware of the necessity of including social media in their overall marketing plan, however few have ventured into Twitter as yet. Twitter is possibly the fastest growing social network out there. For those unfamiliar with Twitter, or sending “tweets,” this social media avenue allows communication and connection through the exchange of very short (140 character) messages. Many of these messages include links to other websites and, just as with other social media, the goal is to build relationships through conversation. You will “follow” others and they will “follow” you which is similar in nature to “friending” someone on Facebook. The primary difference between Twitter and Facebook lies in the fact that in most cases those on FB are connecting and communicating with those they already know—or used to know. Twitter, on the other hand, allows communication between those who don’t know one another but share interests.

You might be surprised to know that Twitter can allow you to reach prospective partners—or even investors as well as national and international media outlets. The ability to reach scores of potential clients is inherent in Twitter as something akin to a press release can be tweeted by your firm. Search traffic generally increases dramatically once a law firm begins using Twitter and the attorneys in your firm can use Twitter to quickly share information. Building relationships with clients, building recognition of your brand and even sharing information with the partners and employees in your firm are all good reasons to give Twitter a try. You will find that you are able to build your reputation without a great outlay of time, expanding your network in the process. If you are interested in knowing the public’s general opinion about a specific topic, Twitter is a great way to find out.

There are a few cautions you should be aware of once your firm makes the decision to use Twitter. Remember that what is posted on the Internet virtually lives forever therefore careful consideration should be given to postings which emanate from your firm. No legal advice should ever be given via Twitter, and, as with every other aspect of the legal profession you must abide by the rules of professional conduct and never, ever, violate client confidentiality. Most law firms create a social media policy which offers guidelines and rules for the use of social media within the firm. In order to increase your number of followers, you must provide consistently interesting, informative and relevant tweets within your niche topics. In other words, establish a very unique voice and present your followers with links to only the highest quality information.

In the end, engaging in Twitter can give a decided boost to your website rankings and is certainly worth the time it takes to give it a try. If you have questions regarding Twitter or any other SEO content questions and would like to have them answered by experienced lawyer copywriters, call (800) 877-2776 today for your free consultation. Once you call you will receive valuable information regarding law firm Internet marketing and all aspects of SEO.