Review – Is advertising on a good value for lawyers?

Contact Us For a Free Consulation or Call Us 1-800-877-2776 is a highly trafficked and well positioned legal website that offers legal content, legal forms and an attorney directory. The site is currently ranking very well for key organic search results such as “Lawyers”, “Lawyers” and other top searches which makes the site attractive as a law firm internet marketing solution.

The question is: Does advertising on generate new business for lawyers who advertise in their Lawyer Directory?

In our opinion, does offer lawyers who advertise on their lawyer directory a sizable amount of exposure to potential new clients lawyers. The website directory is fairly straight forward and easy to use. Their appears to be some tracking mechanisms in place in order to measure and track the results of the lawyer advertisements. The website has been able to maintain leading position within the search engines for an extended period of time.  The user has an enormous amount of lawyers to select from.

In our opinion, the home page is too busy and takes the user more than the optimal amount of time to figure out how to navigate the website.  This could be very frustrating to the user or inexperienced web users which would make a lot of visits leave the website to look at the other sites listed in their search engine search results page. The attorney directory seems to offer an abundant number of attorneys which is good for the user and their ability to select the right attorney for them, however if the attorney is over saturated in your city and practice areas the volume of leads you would receive is greatly diminished.  The attorney biographies are not up to the competitive threshold and lack a lot of good information that users would find helpful.

Overall Rating:  3 out of 5

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